Saturday, July 20, 2013

It's Prom Time: Adelaide's AVCon hosts a high school themed event!

When the AVCon 2013 Committee announced there would be a high school themed formal event to compliment the convention, heaps of people were excited to go! Many hadn't had the opportunity to go to one in high school for various reasons, and those of us who did wanted another, similar event to dress up and dance the night away. I was pretty lucky in that I went to two in Bangkok and two in Melbourne, but it was such a long time ago!
Held at The German Club, we had the opportunity to order German fare, any type of beverage, catch up with friends and make new ones and shimmy on down on the dancefloor.
I went with Christine and Tamara and had a pretty good time! How did I prepare myself...?
Well, I went and got my nails done (in a hurry so no pics) but then went to Anton's at Adelaide Arcade and had my hair and makeup done! They are located at Shop 43 on the Ground Floor and are awesome as always. Thank you Lidija ;_;
From bottom left: getting combed out, then hot curlers, then building the crest, and finishing the back.
Makeup, eyelashes onnnnn my dead fish eyes
and an extra spray of lacquer to keep the fringe at bay.
Time to get dressed! The dress in question is La Robe Vert Clair OP, designed and modelled by Midori Fukusawa. Lidija is taking care of me, making my sash goes in the right spot <3 And yes, I am not wearing any shoes yet.
I did end up wearing BABY's Antique Ribbon Shoes in offwhite.
So... what do I look like with makeup, hair and outfit all together?! 
Tadaa~~ including sceptre.
And in the picturesque Adelaide Arcade
And... off we go! Phong from Unscripted Productions took the following photos. Thank you for allowing me to use them here!
I met skateboard lolita Jenita! (Bodyline model contest winner 2009)
And Tallara from Melbourne (he's currently in the UK, come back soon ;_;)
And one with Christine (left) and Tamara (right)!
It was a lovely evening, and these shoes certainly did a lot of dancing x

Maybe join us next year in Adelaide! 

 If you want to see Christine's take on the event, please check out her blog entry here!

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